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The Advanced Biophoton Analyzer/Matrix III


You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. …..Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Advanced Biophoton Analyzer/Matrix III


The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer ~ Matrix III, is a sophisticated subtle energy instrument, that is considered to be on the cutting edge, in the field of Quantum Energy Healing.

I use the The Matrix III in my healing practice to provide a foundation for deep, & lasting healing. Any disharmony &/or imbalance of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit are held in place by distorted belief system constructs; the cellular saboteur; &/or mis-aligned patterns.

The Matrix III works at the quantum level of energetic co-creation. It provides vibrational support, creating harmony, healing, & synergistic balance for your energy system. This state of harmonious balance is foundational for healing, & transformation.

What Does the Matrix III Do?

  • Helps to reduce stress, distortion, & imbalance in your body’s energetic system.
  • Re-Aligns your meridians, chakras, nadis, & aura with the energetic pathways of the earth.
  • Supports your body to gently, safely, & effectively detoxify itself.
  • Neutralizes, antidotes, & creates remedies for the energetic effects of chemicals & toxins that exist in your food, nutritional supplements, household, cleaning products, personal care products, medications, & in the environment.
  • Neutralizes, antidotes, & creates remedies for the toxic energies in your home, workplace, & garden, This includes buildings, plants, water, air, & soil.
  • Neutralizes, antidotes, & creates remedies for the effects of electromagnetic fields, stray electricity, & geopathic stress.
  • Neutralizes, antidotes, & creates remedies to support the body to heal & recover from food & environmental sensitivities.

How does the Matrix III achieve this?

  • The Matrix III brings a weakened state up to a higher level of vibrational good health, & balance, by creating an energy signal (an isopathic restorative structure) exactly opposite to the one that’s stressing the body.
  • The isopathic restorative structure signal from the Matrix III compensates for the stress on the energy field of your body & helps to eliminate the negative effects – this gives you back your energy & counters the stress that may be creating an imbalance in your body.
  • The Matrix III activates the inherent wisdom & memory or perfect health & healing that is within each & every cell of your body. The Matrix III does not heal you, rather, it unleashes your natural & inherent ability to heal yourself.

How do I use Matrix III in a Healing Session?

  • One of my favorite ways to use the Matrix III is with the Elemental Re-Alignment technique. The Matrix III is almost magical in it’s ability to help the body to release & heal food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, & micro nutrient imbalances.
  • So many people are suffering with depression, anxiety, & other emotional challenges. Using the Matrix III in synergy with Holographic Re-Alignment, allows me to gently, & effectively re-align the bodies bio-chemical energies, & to support a healthy, peaceful, positive, & happy state of being.
  • The Matrix III used in partnership with Elemental Re-Alignment, is very effective in balancing the bodies hormonal energies. I have found that rather than the energetic imbalance being with a particular hormone, the issue is actually that the body is mis-recognizing the substance that the hormone is made of, rather than the hormone itself. The presenting energy of hormone imbalance is more often a symptom, rather than the cause.

When you are in harmony with your true nature, your life flows with joy, inner peace, health, wellness, & abundance. You are better able to access your natural ability to co-create & manifest what your heart desires…..

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