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“Sacred Healing for the Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, & Spirit, using Sound & Vibration”



~ Color is Sound made Visible ~
~ Sound is the Sacred Voice ~
~ of Color Singing ~

The sound of a Crystal Singing Bowl is both haunting & spiritually uplifting. It has the capacity to heal the very center of your being, as it awakens an ancient remembering & inner knowingness of soul & spirit.

How is this experience of such deep healing created? Is it the blending of crystals drawn from the earth, from which the bowls are made? Is it a song as old as the ages, originating from the source of all creation? Or, is it something else? ~ something even older, deeper, more primal, & even more pure?

From the tiniest atom, to the universe itself, everything that exists has it’s own unique sound & vibration. Whether you can hear it or not, when something is vibrating, it is producing sound. Many cultures & religions revere sound so deeply, that they believe that consciousness, via sound itself, called the universe into material existence.

In the Hindu Tradition, it is thought that ~ All was quiet & dark before the beginning, until the first movement in the universe created the sound “OM”. It is the mother tone, the potential of all possibilities, the sacred birthing that contains all the frequencies that are in existence. The Bible often refers to the “Word” of God. It is thought that the “Word” was the first original sound, that created the heavens & the earth.

The Aboriginal people of Australia are one of the first known cultures to have used sound in their healing practices. The yidaki, known as the didgeridoo, has been used as a healing tool for for over 10,000 years. The Aborigines have supported the healing of mind, body, heart, soul, & spirit, with the use of this beautiful, & sacred healing musical instrument.

The Egyptian Culture has been using a form of vowel sound chanting in their healing & spiritual practices since 4000 BC. Priests sang hymns to the Gods, toning the seven vowels of creation in an orderly succession. These sounds were considered to be so beautiful & so sacred, that this form of sound was preferred over other all other types of music.

Egyptian priestesses used the sistra, a type of musical instrument with metal discs that generated frequencies far below the awareness of conscious perception, at the level of what we now refer to as “ultrasound”.

Individual sounds & frequencies do not exist in isolation. Each cell of your body has it’s own unique sound, & in a vibrant kaleidoscope of energy, sound, & vibration, these frequencies combine to form the unique sounds of each of your organs & systems, which then combine in a conscious, living, creative whole, along with the unique sounds of your Mind, Heart, Soul, & Spirit to create, & exist as the unique “Sound, Vibration, & Frequency” that is you.

The concept of “Resonance” is at the foundation of sound healing. In the context of living beings, resonance can be described as the “resting place” of the sound, & vibration of a specific cell, organ, system, or whole living being.

Every cell, organ, system, & living being has a resting place that is innate & natural. This “resting place” is known as the “Prime Resonance”. The Prime Resonance is the vibratory space where your spirit is fully expressed on the material plane of existence. The closer you are to vibrating in harmony with your Prime Resonance ~ the healthier you are; the happier you are; the more fulfilled you are; & the more you are in alignment with your true nature.

Whether you can perceive it or not, everything in your life has a it’s own unique sound & vibration. Toxins, pesticides, gmo’s, anger, genetic predisposition to a disease, fear, judgment, happiness, joy, peacefulness, delight, & even love, all have their own unique sound.

These “other” sounds can either distort your unique “Prime Resonance’, creating imbalance; ill-health, & loneliness, or, move you towards alignment with your “Prime Resonance”, creating balance, health, joy, & loving peace.

Sound Therapy gently releases distorting frequencies, & enhances healing frequencies that you have been exposed to. This creates an increasing alignment with the sacred song of your Prime Resonance, which allows you to experience the basic essence of life, soul, spirit, & existence.

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