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Nature as Healer


“I go to nature to be soothed and healed,


to have my senses put in tune once more.”

~ John Burroughs


The Spiritual Journey


This spiritual journey is an ever-winding road,

woven-thru with joy, pain, sorrow, ecstasy, mistakes (for learning of course),

beauty, wonder, sadness, loss, smiles, tears,

hopes, fears, dreams & allot of beautiful…messy…juicy life!!

The Dreaming Journey


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.
……Henry David Thoreau

“May Your Journey be Gentle”

YOUR DREAMS are speaking to you in a sacred & mysterious language. The dreaming language is filled with metaphor, deep mystery, signs, symbols, & archetypes. Your dreams are a gateway between the Spiritual World & the Material world, &, between your soul & your mind. Dreams are a place of transformation, healing, & spiritual opportunity.

YOU CAN USE the knowledge that the this Dream Time gateway between your inner & outer world offers you, to create increased self-awareness, personal healing, spiritual growth, & even planetary transformation. The Dreaming World is an opportunity to discover & to align with your unique Life Path, to release karmic patterns, explore past life issues, & to restructure miasms of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

YOUR DREAMING MIND also allows you access to the Collective Unconscious, which contains the memories, beliefs, thoughts, & dreams of all human beings. This is yet another gateway, which offers you increased understanding of the mysteries of what it means to be human; a deeper understanding of human pain & suffering, & more empathy, & compassion for all living beings.

THE WORLD OF Dreams is a place of deep healing, always offering you the opportunity to mend & release the wounded & hidden places of your past, while revealing to you the powerful & mysterious possibilities for your future. Working with your Dream Life will offer you a deep, rich & practical opportunity to gain understanding about yourself, as you connect even more authentically with the truth of who you are.

THE DREAMING JOURNEY is a process by which I guide you into a dream state while you are awake. It is an opportunity to explore a dream that has touched you & to learn it’s deeper meaning. Dreams are ultimately tools of transformation. The Dreaming Journey process is gentle, mystical, & powerful. You are awake, yet you are in your dream. It is a magical dance of spirit & mind, heart & body, light, unconditional love, exploration, healing, release, & transformation.

ONE OF THE GIFTS that “The Dreaming Journey” will give you is, that you will become more open & aware in your waking, day to day life of the beauty, harmony, & true nature of this wonderful world that you live in. Whether you are aware of it or not, the world is always whispering to you in a mystical & mysterious language of archetypes, signs, & symbols. Ordinary, everyday life events are constantly expressing information for you via signs & symbols from this mysterious & natural realm. You are living in very important times. It is vital that you learn to again listen with both your heart, & your mind.

OUR MODERN civilization tends to downplay the natural spiritual aspects of our world. Most of us have lost our innate ability to “see” & to “understand” the signs & symbols that are “talking” to us all of time. You have the ability to “see” & “understand” these signs, symbols, & archetypes that are all around you, in both your waking & in your dreaming life. In fact it is your birthright as a Spiritual Being to be able to do so.

ARCHETYPES have been refereed to in human language since the dawn of time. The essence of each individual Archetype is contained within our Collective Unconscious. These archetypal patterns are reflected & expressed in a myriad of combinations as either their “light” or their “shadow” form, in each of our individual lives. Most of us recognize the core Archetypes of The Mother, The Child, The Father, Death, Rebirth, Initiation, Love & Judgment. By learning to recognize, understand & to work with these Archetypes we are able to become more aligned with our true nature, release past wounds, & manifest the life that we dream of living.

“I did a Dream Journey with Pam

& it was so healing.

I don’t know how to put into words how I feel. I am so different,

I am at peace, & I am comfortable with who I am, maybe for

the first time in my entire life. ” ….CB

“I have never had an experience

like this. Pam guides you

into a state of deep consciousness, while you lie on the Matrix III.

Then you explore your dream.

It was a beautiful, mysterious, transforming experience. …..LP

Written by Pamela S. Robinson

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