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The Art of Healing with Aromatherapy


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
…Theodore Roosevelt

Flower Essence Therapy

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art & science of using natural oils that have been extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots &/or other parts of a plant, bush, or tree. . These powerful oils are used to harmonize, balance & support the health & healing of mind, body, emotions, & spirit. . Essential Oils have a long history of use in every culture around the world. Aromatherapy is anatural, non-invasive healing-modality, that is designed to impact the whole person, rather than just the symptom or disease that is being expressed.

“Aromatherapy is… the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.”  Valerie Cooksley 

“Aromatherapy conveys the concept of healing with aromatic substances.”   Robert Tisserand

“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.”  Robert Tisserand

“Aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.”  Gabriel Mojay

“Aromatherapy is essentially an interaction between the therapist, client and essential oils, working together to bring forth the healing energy which will help the client regain their sense of well being and vitality.”  Jade Shutes

How are Essential Oils used?

A nice way to begin your personal journey with essential oils
is to explore the many options of external usage.

Topical Usage

Topical application is often a preferred method of use for many essential oils. It is important to note thatMOST essential oils require significant dilution prior to usage, as they can cause skin irritation. Lavender Oil, Calendula Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil & various Chamomile Oils are a few essential oils that can be applied ‘neat’ or without dilution, as they are soothing, balancing, & healing for the skin. Other essential oils, such as Cinnamon Oil, Basil Oil, Ginger Oil, various Citrus Oils & Oregano Oil probably should not be applied topically in most cases, as they may irritate the skin, or cause sensitivity with or without sun exposure.

Essential Oils are lipotropic (fat soluble), with a fairly small molecular structure, which allows them to pass thru the skin quite easily. Essential oils can pass into the surrounding tissues, & into the bloodstream which allows them to move throughout the body quite easily. with an efficientt healing impact.

For example, if you wanted to support your Digestive System, you could place a few drops of Peppermint Oil into a carrier oil (a clean, preferably organic vegetable or nut oil) to dilute it. You could then gently rub this mixture over your stomach area. The oil would be absorbed thru the skin into the surrounding tissues, to promote healing & balance of the digestive system.

A common concentration of essential oils in a carrier oil is 5%. This equals 40 drops of essential oil per one ounce of carrier oil.

A very effective form of topical application is via foot reflexology. This topical technique utilizes the neurological & energetic connections that run throughout the entire body. There are areas on your feet that you can stimulate that will have a healing effect other areas & zones of the body. Even if you are not trained in foot reflexology, you can use the desired Essential Oil & massage it into your foot. If you encounter an area that is uncomfortable, itches, feels tight, or feels bumpy…..just massage the oil into that area. It is that easy!!

Another powerful type of topical application is to utilize acupressure points, body alarm points, or chakra locations. This allows you to utilize primarily the energetic connections of the Mind, Body, Emotions, & Spirit, with a strong healing effect on Heart Energy Coherence & the Body.


The inhalation of Essential Oils is a very effective, gentle & simple way to access the Mind, Body, Emotion, & Spiritual healing qualities of Essential Oils. I have listed a few of the most common methods of Aromatherapeutic Inhalation below.

Simple Inhalation
You can simply open an Essential Oil bottle & inhale the scent into your noseBe careful not to touch or breathe on the orifice or inside of cap as this can contaminate the contents and greatly reduce the life-force of the oil(s).

Diffusion atomizes essential oils into the air for inhalation. There are many types of diffusion devices, such as, simple evaporation devices, vaporizers, humidifiers & glass nebulizers. For therapeutic applications it is best to not apply heat to the Essential Oil, as heat can alter the chemical make-up of the oil, destroying the life-force of the plant’s essential constituents and thereby lessening it’s therapeutic effect.

Aroma-Elemental Misting
Essential Oils can be layered into a bottle filled with energized water. Depending on which oil/oils are layered into the bottle, the healing effects will be distinctly different. Essential Oils can also be layered into a bottle containing a hydrosol(water created by the process of steam distillation, which is a process by which an Essential Oil is produced). Once again depending on which oils are layered into which hydrosol, the healing effects of the Aroma-Elemental will be different.

An Aroma-Elemental can be sprayed into a space, to clean out congested energies & also to create energetic alignment & balance. They can be sprayed onto the body, or into the aura, or on a chakra. They also can be sprayed & then inhaled. This is a wonderful, easy to use, & very effective type of Aromatherapy.

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Journaling as a Pathway for Self Co-Creation


Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
…Pablo Picasso

All about Kale

~ What is a journal & why would it be important for you to keep one? ~
A journal can be used in many ways & for many reasons
How you use your journal is up to you.
What I do know is, that whatever type of journal you choose….. ~
The process of keeping a journal is very powerfu; deeply healing; & a creative process for inner growth &self awareness.

Below are a few journaling ideas for you to explore.

“A Journal of Inspiration” is place to collect what inspires you, what moves you, what you care about & what opens your heart. A few ideas are: a beautiful fall day; a sunset; a walk with your dog on the river; a lazy day with you beloved; a particular movie; a special song; a beautiful meal with friends & family; or a meaningful quote or saying. Your Inspiration Journal is a great place to collect what moves you, what feeds your spirit & inspires you. You can collect words; photos; recordings, or even descriptions of events.
This type of journal truly has the capacity to feed your spirit, expecially when your life is challenging.
If you are feeling down or uninspired, you can grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch & explore your Inspiration Journal. This will lift your spirits, soothe your heart, stimulate your creativity, & inspire you. This type of journal is designed as both a place to collect your creativity, inspiritation & musings, & as a source of inspiration that can feed your spirit when it is depleted & needs support.
Click here for more info on creating your own “Inspiration Journal”.


“A Journal of Ideas” is a place to collect your thoughts & ideas. How many times have you had the most fantastic idea & then later in the day…. “Poof”!! for the life of you…. you can’t remember what it was. If you collect your ideas, as they come to you, by jotting them down in a journal or small notebook, you will never have to lose or misplace an idea again.

Your Journal of Ideas can also support your personal healing & spiritual growth. Often the ideas that come to you, are bubbling up from the deeper levels of your subconscious mind. If you do not capture them when they reveal themselves, it is possible that you might misplace them forever.

You are a unique spirit that is interconected to the collective consciousness of the Universe. Often the ideas & inspirations that come to you, in reality are “are coming thru you”, via your connection to the universal consciousness that is all of life. We have all had this experience, when a thought or idea has moved into our conscious mind, that is more whole, aware, & wiser than we are as a singular being. In this way, your Journal of Ideas can strengthen your connection to the collective conscious of the Universe, by supporting your evolving spiritual nature, inner healing, & alignment with your life path.

I suggest having multiple small journals or notebooks in places that you tend to spend time, such as next to your bed; in your car; at work; or even in the kitchen. You will find that you will come up with the most incredible ideas, at the most inopportune of times, such as while driving, at a party, in a movie, in the middle of a conversation, walking or hiking in nature, or even at work. If you create a Journal of Ideas, you will never have to lose an idea again. What you choose to do with all of your wonderful ideas is up to you!!
Click here for more info on creating your own “Idea Journal”.

Protect the Earth
Access the wisdom of the collective unconscious
Ideas can connect you with others that care & believe
Allow your inner muse to express itself

“A Processing & Introspectioe Journal” allows you to explore, to express, & to learn more about yourself. Take a focus, such as: what do I want to do with my life; how can I live a more creative life; what are some solutions to this challenge that I have; or how can I find peace within my spriit. There are no rules. Use your journal in whatever manner suits you best. This type of journal is a place of healing & safety. It is designed for you to dialogue, to explore & to discover your inner wisdom, insight, & increasing self awareness.


“A Free-Writing Journal” is a type of Journaling, that is based on “Morning Pages”, which were created by Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way”. She feels that, “The bedrock tool of creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning Pages”. Free-Wriiting is ideally done first thing in the morning, before you have begun your day. They are at least three pages long, & written in longhand. The guidelines are simple. Write down what you are feeling & what you are thinking about. This is a type of stream of consciousness writing, that has the ability to clarify, provoke, soothe, release, prioritize, bring awareness into, & get you moving again in areas that feel stuck. Free-Writing releases the inner clutter; opens up space for clarity & creativity; supports you in finding your inner muse; & allows your spirit to fly free.
Click here for more info on creating your own personal Free-Writing Journal..

Just Write

“A Visioning Journal” is a place to collect visual representations of what you want to create & have in your life. You can collect actual picutres of what you want, such as… a home by the sea; a specific automobile; a successful job; or financial abundance. An even more profound & effective way of using a Visioning Journal is to collect visual representations of how you want to live your life; how you want to feel in your life; how you would feel when you have that success that you desire so deeply; or how you would feel when you are in relationship with the love of your life. You can draw pictures or write down sayings or symbols. You can place photos, magazine pictures, or even images from the internet in your Visioning Journal. You can also take images from your Visioning Journal & create a Vision Board. I suggest using a unlined journal or a scrapbook, because it allows you more space & creative opportunities. Have fun, be creative, & most importantly…. Enjoy!!

Think outside of the box
Seeing the Future
Begin your Dream
Allow your Creative Nature to be Free
Your inner vision has the power to create your dreams
The act of beginning contains such power

“A Dreaming Journal” Your dreams speak to you in a sacred & mysterious language. The dreaming language is filled with metaphor, deep mystery, signs, symbols, & archetypes. Your dreams are a gateway between the Spiritual World & the Material world. They are a bridge between your soul & your mind. Dreams are a place of transformation, healing, & spiritual opportunity. The subconscious dreaming mind is a powerful & wondrous thing.

A dreaming journal is useful for anyone who is interested in exploring their subconscious mind, body, heart, & spirit. The subconscious world is where creativity & mystery are alive & breathing. A dreaming journal can help you to explore & experience lucid dreaming. If you are a writer, painter, or other type of artist (I think we are all artists), you can find inspiration & ideas that your waking creative mind simply can’t discern.
Advances in science & industry have often come from paying attention to one’s dreams. Albert Einstein proposed his famous equation E = mc2 in 1905, in one of his “Annus Mirabilis” papers. In 1892, when he was just thirteen years old, he began to have a series of powerful dreams that guided the direction of his life’s work. He dreamt of sledding down a snowy hill, faster and faster, & as he was approaching the speed of light, the vivid colors in his dream, blended into one pure color. Enstein shared in later years that, “I knew I had to understand that dream,” &, “you could say that my entire scientific career has been a meditation on that dream.”

You will want to keep your journal & a pen near your bed. You will want to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. As each minute passes in the “Waking World” you will lose more & more remembering of your nighttime journey.!

Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2013 All Rights Reserved


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Healing the Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit with Gemmotherapy.


People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

…..Elizabeth Kubler Ross


GEMMOTHERAPY is a natural homeo-therapeutic drainage system, that uses 60+ unique & powerful remedies that are made from the buds, young shoots, & rootlets of trees, plants, & shrubs. The plants are harvested in the springtime, at the most potent point of their natural cycle of growth & renewal. The buds, young shoots, & rootlets of the immature plants are macerated & extracted via glycerin for 21 days then made into a low potency 1X homeopathic remedy.

GEMMOTHERAPY remedies are high in growth factors, phyto-hormones, auxins & gibberellins. These active ingredients are present in the buds, rootlets, & shoots of young immature plants, but begin to disappear as the plant grows older. Auxins have a powerful hormonal action, which is found only in the buds of plants. Gibberellins stimulate RNA & protein synthesis & are also only present in the buds & rootlets of the plants.

SINCE GEMMOS are extracts of developing plant tissues, gemmotherapy remedies contain the properties of the whole plant, including the flowers, the fruits, the leaves, the rootlets, & the sapwood. An example is the Linden Tree. This gemmotherapy extract (Tilia Tomentosa) not only possesses the sedative properties of the flowers, but also the tonifying, purifying, & diuretic properties of the sapwood, all in one holistic remedy.

THIS UNIQUE Healing System includes within itself the advantages of both allopathic & homeopathic healing protocols. There are measurable concentrations of actual physical healing substances & also vibrational homeopathic information in each Gemmotherapy Remedy.

OUR MODERN WORLD is constantly generating extraordinary amounts of toxic chemicals, & waste byproducts, which get absorbed by the human body. Our water & food supplies are contaminated with herbicides pesticides, & manufacturing residues. The air is contaminated by carbon monoxide, & many other toxic, & poisonous gases. Drugs, cleaning products, skin, & hair care products are either themselves toxic to the body &/or they break down into metabolites that are toxic to the body. Even the body’s responses to our stressful lives creates internal metabolic waste products that are toxic to our bodies.

ALL OF THESE toxic compounds, metabolites & chemicals accumulate in the body & must be eliminated in an efficient & safe way, in order for the Mind, Body, & Spirit to be healthy, happy, filled with vitality, & at peace.

GEMMOTHERAPY is a super-active type of plant medicine, that has the power to cleanse the cells by efficiently draining away toxic metabolic waste products such as mucus, broken down metabolites, dead cells from the immune system, auto-immune complexes, & antibodies that are literally choking the body’s cells to death.

AS THE GEMMO remedy cleanses the body at the cellular level it also tonifies, & builds up the function of the individual organ systems. These remedies truly are a potent expression of the power of nature to heal, & to repair the damage that we have created for our selves through our modern lifestyle choices.

GEMMOS CAN also be used for animals, including dogs, cats, horses, & birds. They can be placed in the animals food or water, massaged into the area that is painful, or out of balance, placed on a particular acupuncture point, on the inside of the animals ears, or even on the paws.

WHETHER ONE is animal or human, gemmotherapy has the ability to stimulate, & support the body to heal the areas that are the most impacted by our environment, such as the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, liver, & the kidneys. These organ systems are working very hard each & every day & need continued support to prevent the accumulation of ever increasing toxins, & are the main areas to focus on with Gemmotherapy drainage treatment & prevention.

By Pamela S. Robinson
© 2008 – 2009, All Rights Reserved

Sacred Archetypes


“Limitations live only in our minds.
But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
……Jamie Paolinetti


“Signs & Symbols from the Mystical Realms”

Archetypes are energetic patterns, experienced as visual symbols, that exist in the human psyche. Some archetypes are consciously discerned, while others stimulate the unconsious celluar memory. Archetypes by their nature are designed to trigger deep spiritual memory of who & what you truly are, why you are, access to inner guidance & a window of clarity & truth through the illusions of material reality. Archetypes have the ability to speak in languages beyond the verbal & written variety.

Archetypes are found everywhere, as their symbols are a language of the mind, taken to different frequencies of thought and connected to each other by the collective unconsciousness. There are individual and universal archetypes. You become aware of them in meditation, dreamtime, remote viewing or other out-of-body experiences, when you doodle on a pad, crop circles or landscape art, other art forms, jewelry, hieroglyphs, a logo, on a billboard, anywhere at all. Archetypes can also be auditory, a tone, a series of notes, a harmonic. Reality is a series of metaphors set into motion by the synchronicity of archetypes we experience.

The word “archetype” was coined by Carl Jung, who theorized that humans have a collective unconscious, “deposits of the constantly repeated experiences of humanity…. a kind of readiness to reproduce over and over again the same or similar mythical ideas….” This shared memory of experiences has resulted in a resonance of the concepts of hero and heroine that transcends time, place and culture. Jung called these recurring personalities archetypes, from the Greek word archetypos, meaning “first of its kind.”

To help you understand and fulfill the terms of your Sacred Contract, you have been encoded with a set of 12 primary archetypes. Four of these are universal archetypes related to survival: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. We all have these because they are vital to our growth and functioning as adults. The other eight are drawn from the vast storehouse of archetypes dating back to the dawn of human history. They play valuable roles that relate to our work, our relationships with individuals and society, as well as to our spirituality, finances, values, and our highest potential.

Awareness of archetypes dates back at least to the time of Plato, who called them Forms. Plato believed that these eternal Forms were reflected in material objects. The Form of Beauty, for example, is abstract and applies to all beautiful things; as different as the individual manifestations of Beauty may be–a beautiful person, horse, or flower–the Form itself never changes. The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed this idea further. For Jung, archetypes comprised psychological patterns derived from historical roles in life, such as the Mother, Child, Trickster, and Servant, as well as universal events or situations, including Initiation or Death and Rebirth. Along with our individual personal unconscious, which is unique to each of us, Jung asserted, “there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature that is identical in all individuals.” This collective unconscious, he believed, was inherited rather than developed, and was composed mainly of archetypes.

Although archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalized when they are a part of your individual psyche. Since your Sacred Contract is embodied in a support system of twelve archetypes, it is best to think of them as intimate companions. They provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations, and actions. But archetypes are not passive entities floating around in the psyche like old family portraits hanging in a dusty corridor of your ancestral castle. They take an active role as guardians and inner allies, alerting you when you are in danger of falling into destructive or “shadow” behavior. The Saboteur, for instance, warns you when you are in a situation in which you tend to sabotage your own best interests. Once you learn to recognize such a pattern, instead of ignoring it or denying its presence, it becomes your friend and can help you avoid selling out.

By Pamela S. Robinson

© 2008 – 2009, All Rights Reserved


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The Art of Healing



If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit,
your time will expand.
You will gain a new perspective, 
that will allow you to accomplish much more.
……Brian Koslow
Part of the journey of being human,
is that we can periodically get stuck in places that are not where we want to be..

We have goals, dreams, & desires. We want to heal our relationships, create a new business venture or grow our existing business. We want to move from where we feel “stuck” to where we want to be, yet, we can’t seem to move in the desired direction, or we keep repeating those same old patterns, or life just seems to take over.

Our bodies can struggle with imbalance, pain, & dysfunction.
Our minds can focus on what we don’t want, on how we don’t measure up, on what is wrong in our lives & in the world, & often relive old painful experiences.
Our emotions can fall out of balance, becoming “stuck” in pain, anxiety, grief, anger, apathy, & despair.

Often the responsibilities & stressors of our day to day lives can take up so much space, that we can’t seem to find the time or the energy to create the changes in our life that our heart so desires.
We might know what direction we want to move in, or the changes we would like to make in our lives….but,we can’t seem to find our way.

The goal of the healing work that I do is transformation. It is a gentle & effective process, that supports you to move from where you are to where you want to be. All healing is at it’s heart, self-healing. Everything that you need is already within you. You just need some support, guidance, & tools so that you can re-align with your true nature.

Each Holographic Re-Alignment Session is guided by you, by your body, your heart, your mind, & your soul. By using a powerful Subtle Discernment Technique, I gather information from you, which in turn, guides the session in the direction needed to facilitate the greatest healing.

When I first began working with Pam, I had been sick for a long time. Nothing was working & I just seemed to be getting worse. One of the concepts that changed the entire way that I viewed my health, was that everything I needed was inside of me. I just couldn’t get to it. This wasn’t my fault, I just hadn’t worked with anyone who knew how help me to do this. I remember going home after my session. I felt lighter, my body hurt less & most importantly I was feeling hopful.. I almost didn’t recognize the feeling, as it had been along time since I had really felt that I could get better. I think this is the point, that my life began to change. I began to believe in myself again. ….RH

Holographic Re-Alignment is a deep healing system based on concepts from quantum physics, energy psychology, both eastern & western spiritual thought, & cutting edge brain research.

Holographic Re-Alignment is a natural healing method that uses a subtle Mind, Body, Spirit Communication technique in combination with a variety of gentle & effective natural healing therapies & tools. During a Holographic Re-Alignment Session, the deep energetic & cellular patterns that have kept you from living your life to your full potential are identified, transformed, & re-aligned.

When you are in harmony with your true nature, your life flows with joy, inner peace, health, wellness, & abundance. You are able to access your natural ability to co-create & manifest what your heart desires…..

Having the energy systems of Body, Mind, & Spirit in synergistic harmony is foundational to maintaining & creating good health, vitality, and well-being. Holographic Re-Alignment is a blending of both the Healing Arts & the Science of Subtle Energies. This integrative healing work is designed to support & educate people how to work with these powerful energies, so as to empower each individual to live a life that is happy, healthy, & filled with abundance, joy & serenity of spirit.

Subtle Energy Therapies such as Holographic Re-Alignment are being used by athletes to enhance performance & to shorten healing time from injuries; in busnesses to enhance productivity, lower stress, & to support a creative, peaceful, & enjoyable work environment; by artists to breakthrough creative blocks, enhance the expression of their innate creative gifts, & to work with self-limiting beliefs that might sabotage their success: & in hospitals to support the healing process, to soothe the spirit, & to create feelings of well-being & inner peace.

Even though this world that we live in appears to be quite solid, in reality, everything is made up of patterns of vibrating energy. Every thought, every feeling, every hope, every intent, & even the words you speak are energetically unique patterns of vibrating energy. Every cell, tissue, & organ system are also energetically unique vibrational patterns, that are expressed in solid form.

When your energetic frequencies are in harmony, & in harmony with your true spiritual nature, your life just works better, & just seems to flow. You experience health & wellness, vitality, abundance, a deep sense of spiritual connection, & a conscious & aware alignment with your life purpose.

When your unique energetic frequencies are not in harmony, or are mis-aligned with your true spiritual nature, life is more difficult, feelings of disconnect, & spiritual emptiness are often experienced. This harmonic disharmony leads to fatigue, disease, & despair of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.

Holographic Re-Alignment
can help you to….

Heal & Release….

~ Stress, Anxiety & Depression ~

~ Nutritional Imbalances ~

~ Past Emotional Trauma & Emotional Pain ~

~ Physical Problems & Allergies ~

~ Limiting Financial Abundance Beliefs ~

~ Environmental & Chemical Sensitivities ~

~ Sadness, Despair, & Spiritual Disconnect ~

~ Unhealthty Relationship Patterns ~

~ Letting go of the Past~

~ Incomplete Goals & Procrastination ~

Reclaim & Align with….

~Your true spiritual nature~

~ Increased Health & Vitality ~

~ Inner Peace, Confidence & Clarity ~

~ A Strong & Healthy Body ~

~ Freedom from Emotional Trauma & Pain ~

~ A Deeply Fulfilling & Abundant Life ~

~ Increased Intuition & Self Knowingness ~

~ Financial Creativity & Abundance ~

~ Increased Self Esteem & Self Confidence ~

~ Loving & Happy Relationships ~

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Affirmations for Co-Creating a Meaningful & Effective Life


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar & seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous & exciting,
for in movement there is life, & in change there is power.

…..Alan Cohen


Express your unique & wondeful self.
Live your life, by being who you truly are.
Allow your career & your passions unite in meaningful abundance.

Co-Creative Affirmations

I am myself wholly, truly & completely.

I fully embrace my truest nature.

The spirit of life fills me with clarity, passion & joyous wonder.

I am beautiful.

I am wonderful.

I am special.

My life flows from deep within myself.

I know myself.

I know who I am.

I am open to abundance.

I know how to express my dreams on the material plane.

I enjoy my career.

I am very financially successful.

I enjoy setting effective & achievable goals.

I enjoy completing my goals.

It is easy for me to reach & co-create my goals.

How I live my life is very important to me.

I have the right to be successful.

I define my own success.

I define what being successful means to me.

I am very clear about what I want.

I always write down my goals.

My goals are very real to me.

I feel & see the pathway from my mind, my heart, & my dreams into the material world.

I am passionate about educating myself on how to create & achieve my intentions, dreams, & goals.

My nature is creative, passionate, effectiveness.

My life flows with ease.

I like to set goals.

I like to work with my goals.

I like to surround myself with effective, creative, & successful people.

If something doesn’t work out as expected, I appreciate & I utilize the opportunity to learn & refine my successful life path.

I know who I am & I define my own success.

My life is an opportunity for me to express what is important to me.

I enjoy my work.

My work is important & meaningful to me.

I care about me work.

I am flexible, creative, & effective in my life.

I am very good at creating a balanced & meaningful life.

I make allot of money by helping others & making a positive difference in the world.

I like to place a check of completion next to each line on my list of goals, dreams, & intentions.

I spend time each day with my list of goals, dreams, & intentions.

I am willing & excited to do my own healing work.

My healing journey allows me to be more effective, creative, happy, & joyous in my day to day life.

I am special, inteligent, & beautiful.

My career is aligned with my passions.

My career is an expression of what I care about.

My carreer is important to me.

I am comfortable talking about my career.

I enjoy sharing with other people about my career.

My career allows me express who I am & what I care about.

I can be very successful in my life.

The successful completion of my intentions & goals comes very easily to me.

I am ready to be successful.

I am open to be successful.

I am willing to work on any internal patterns & beliefs that stand between me & my success.

My goals, intentions, & dreams are acheivable.

I believe in myself.

If I find myself stuck, it is an opportunity to grow, learn, & heal.

I am powerful in my life.

I am compassionate with myself.

I support myself.

I take good loving care of myself.

I am proud of myself.

I enjoy being who I am.

I appreciate & honor my healing journey of becoming & discovering more of who I am.



Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2011 – 2012, All Rights Reserved

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