Monthly Archives: April 2011

Misplacing my center


I am finding myself struggling with being pulled into the chaos, of other peoples patterns.

In response I choose to own my part, to breathe, acknowledge, release, to use the challenges that are being presented as an opportunity for growth (which of course at its core is what this is all about) & to come back to my own center, to imprint the situation with who I am, with what I know to be true & with as much compassion & clarity as I can muster….

I truly am grateful for all these opportunities for growth… but…. I must admit …… I feel somewhat drawn to go somewhere that I can blissfully sit in the sun under blue skies, with my feet in the aqua blue ocean & if I get bored….. I can just paddle my way to another idyllic locale……


I was talking with God


I was talking with God about why my lessons these days seem so hard…


He asked me if I remembered that time 6 months ago in the Spring, when a beautiful blue butterfly flew by me & it’s wing gently touched my cheek.

“I was teaching the same lesson then, in a much gentler fashion… but, you were not able to hear”.

He asked me if I remembered that day a few months ago, when nothing seemed to work right, that day when things that I felt were so…. important, just seemed to slip from my grip.

“I was teaching the same lesson then & talking louder, yet you still were not able to hear”.

“What you are experiencing as hard, is just me speaking very, very loudly… so that you can hear…. so that you can heal… so that you can be free”.


I wonder what our lives would be like, if each of us paid attention when our lessons were as gentle as butterfly wings……


Don’t you hear the Earth crying?


Sheep in Wales (1500 miles from Chernobyl) are still radioactive today.  Radioactivity is insidious, it’s effects are cummulative & it will move around the planet.  Open your eyes… look around you…. cancers & chronic disease are becoming more & more the norm….. One of the main causes is that just a little bit more poison (in supposedly harmless amounts) from a multitude of sources, add up to an overwhelmed Earth, that can no longer keep herself clean.

Elemental Re-Alignment


What Is an Elemental Mis-Alignment?

Throughout our day to day lives each of us encounters so many different substances, such as, foods, environmental chemicals, beauty products, household products, medicines, supplements, viruses, bacteria, fungi, & even much more. Each time the body is exposed to one of these substances, it has to decide how to react. This initial reaction is a critical process, because it puts in motion a specific series of bodily processes.

For example, if you eat something & the body decides it is a positive substance, it will initiate the entire digestive process, in order to maximise absorption of the substances that you have eaten. If the substance that was eaten is viewed as harmful by the body, vomiting or diarrhoea may occur, so as to expell the substance.

If a substance that is inhaled is viewed as beneficial for the body, the airways will open and breathing will become deeper to draw the substance deeply into the body. If what has been inhaled is viewed as harmful by the body, the airway passagges will narrow, & the body might produce mucus, in order to hinder entry to the body.

Our bodies are under extreme amounts of stress. This stress can overwhelm the body, causing it to mis-recognize a particular substance. This mis-recognition then causes an Elemental Mis-Alignment, which can have serious implications for health.

There are three basic types of Elemental Mis-Alignments:

1. A benficial substance can be mis-recognized as a harmful substance.
2. A harmful substance can be mis-recognized as a beneficial substance.
3. A particular substance can be un-recognized.

When the body mis-recognizes a harmful substance as being beneficial, it will do its best to enhance absorption & utilization of this substance, even though it is a substance that is harmful to the body.

When the body mis-recognizes a beneficial substance, as being harmful, it will do its best to block it’s entry into the body. If it fails & the mis-recognized substance is absorbed, it will try to excrete or encapsulate the substance as quickly as possible from the body, thus minimising absorption. If a particular substance is un-recognized, the body will short circuit with unknown consequences. Each one of these situations is problematic & can lead to a wide variety of health challenges.

This same issue occurs in reaction to substances that are produced by the body. What if the body mis-recognized a beneficial neurotransmitter as being a harmful substance? Rather than utilizing this beneficial substance, it would try to excrete it as quickly as possible. What if the body mis-recognized a toxic metabolic waste product as being beneficial. Rather than excreting this toxic substance as quickly as possible, it might try to re-utilize it instead. These internal scenarios have the potential of causing a wide range of health issues.

In order for each of us to experience health & vitality, it is so important that the body is able to recognize each particular substance correctly. If it does not recognise a beneficial substance for what it is, it may try to break it down or excrete it from the body, rather than utilize it. A metabolic by-product may be stored rather than excreted. These are very problematic scenarios.

What is Elemental Re-Alignment?

In simple terms, the Elemental Re-Alignment Process, helps the body to correctly recognize a previously mis-recognized substance. Once the body correctly recognizes each substance, it will either utilize or excrete as indicated, often resulting in dramatically increased health & wellness.

What if the body is mis-recognizing iron? Rather than utilizing the iron, which is one of the most important elements in the entire body, the body might try to excrete the iron, encapsulate it in a cyst, or even mount an immune response on the red blood cells. Once the body was Elementally Re-Aligned to iron, it would stop trying to excrete the iron & it would begin to properly absorb & utilize the iron.

Using the perspective of Elemental Re-Alignment….It is thought that many of our modern day health challenges involve Elemental Mis-Alignment.