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Healing Your Original Soul Wound


Healing your Original Wound


The Art of Healing



If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit,
your time will expand.
You will gain a new perspective, 
that will allow you to accomplish much more.
……Brian Koslow
Part of the journey of being human,
is that we can periodically get stuck in places that are not where we want to be..

We have goals, dreams, & desires. We want to heal our relationships, create a new business venture or grow our existing business. We want to move from where we feel “stuck” to where we want to be, yet, we can’t seem to move in the desired direction, or we keep repeating those same old patterns, or life just seems to take over.

Our bodies can struggle with imbalance, pain, & dysfunction.
Our minds can focus on what we don’t want, on how we don’t measure up, on what is wrong in our lives & in the world, & often relive old painful experiences.
Our emotions can fall out of balance, becoming “stuck” in pain, anxiety, grief, anger, apathy, & despair.

Often the responsibilities & stressors of our day to day lives can take up so much space, that we can’t seem to find the time or the energy to create the changes in our life that our heart so desires.
We might know what direction we want to move in, or the changes we would like to make in our lives….but,we can’t seem to find our way.

The goal of the healing work that I do is transformation. It is a gentle & effective process, that supports you to move from where you are to where you want to be. All healing is at it’s heart, self-healing. Everything that you need is already within you. You just need some support, guidance, & tools so that you can re-align with your true nature.

Each Holographic Re-Alignment Session is guided by you, by your body, your heart, your mind, & your soul. By using a powerful Subtle Discernment Technique, I gather information from you, which in turn, guides the session in the direction needed to facilitate the greatest healing.

When I first began working with Pam, I had been sick for a long time. Nothing was working & I just seemed to be getting worse. One of the concepts that changed the entire way that I viewed my health, was that everything I needed was inside of me. I just couldn’t get to it. This wasn’t my fault, I just hadn’t worked with anyone who knew how help me to do this. I remember going home after my session. I felt lighter, my body hurt less & most importantly I was feeling hopful.. I almost didn’t recognize the feeling, as it had been along time since I had really felt that I could get better. I think this is the point, that my life began to change. I began to believe in myself again. ….RH

Holographic Re-Alignment is a deep healing system based on concepts from quantum physics, energy psychology, both eastern & western spiritual thought, & cutting edge brain research.

Holographic Re-Alignment is a natural healing method that uses a subtle Mind, Body, Spirit Communication technique in combination with a variety of gentle & effective natural healing therapies & tools. During a Holographic Re-Alignment Session, the deep energetic & cellular patterns that have kept you from living your life to your full potential are identified, transformed, & re-aligned.

When you are in harmony with your true nature, your life flows with joy, inner peace, health, wellness, & abundance. You are able to access your natural ability to co-create & manifest what your heart desires…..

Having the energy systems of Body, Mind, & Spirit in synergistic harmony is foundational to maintaining & creating good health, vitality, and well-being. Holographic Re-Alignment is a blending of both the Healing Arts & the Science of Subtle Energies. This integrative healing work is designed to support & educate people how to work with these powerful energies, so as to empower each individual to live a life that is happy, healthy, & filled with abundance, joy & serenity of spirit.

Subtle Energy Therapies such as Holographic Re-Alignment are being used by athletes to enhance performance & to shorten healing time from injuries; in busnesses to enhance productivity, lower stress, & to support a creative, peaceful, & enjoyable work environment; by artists to breakthrough creative blocks, enhance the expression of their innate creative gifts, & to work with self-limiting beliefs that might sabotage their success: & in hospitals to support the healing process, to soothe the spirit, & to create feelings of well-being & inner peace.

Even though this world that we live in appears to be quite solid, in reality, everything is made up of patterns of vibrating energy. Every thought, every feeling, every hope, every intent, & even the words you speak are energetically unique patterns of vibrating energy. Every cell, tissue, & organ system are also energetically unique vibrational patterns, that are expressed in solid form.

When your energetic frequencies are in harmony, & in harmony with your true spiritual nature, your life just works better, & just seems to flow. You experience health & wellness, vitality, abundance, a deep sense of spiritual connection, & a conscious & aware alignment with your life purpose.

When your unique energetic frequencies are not in harmony, or are mis-aligned with your true spiritual nature, life is more difficult, feelings of disconnect, & spiritual emptiness are often experienced. This harmonic disharmony leads to fatigue, disease, & despair of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.

Holographic Re-Alignment
can help you to….

Heal & Release….

~ Stress, Anxiety & Depression ~

~ Nutritional Imbalances ~

~ Past Emotional Trauma & Emotional Pain ~

~ Physical Problems & Allergies ~

~ Limiting Financial Abundance Beliefs ~

~ Environmental & Chemical Sensitivities ~

~ Sadness, Despair, & Spiritual Disconnect ~

~ Unhealthty Relationship Patterns ~

~ Letting go of the Past~

~ Incomplete Goals & Procrastination ~

Reclaim & Align with….

~Your true spiritual nature~

~ Increased Health & Vitality ~

~ Inner Peace, Confidence & Clarity ~

~ A Strong & Healthy Body ~

~ Freedom from Emotional Trauma & Pain ~

~ A Deeply Fulfilling & Abundant Life ~

~ Increased Intuition & Self Knowingness ~

~ Financial Creativity & Abundance ~

~ Increased Self Esteem & Self Confidence ~

~ Loving & Happy Relationships ~

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