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The Science of Affirmative Thought


Your success and happiness lies in you.
Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you,
shall form an invincible host against difficulties.

….Helen Keller


I love myself. I love who I am.
I am beautiful, inner peace & joy.
It feels good to be me & I truly appreciate myself.
I am at peace within myself.
No matter how I am feeling.. I take good loving care of myself.
I am ready to participate in my own healing.

Current research shows the impact of positive & negative thinking on ourselves & on others. We each have the power & potential to transform ourselves by changing our habits of mind.

It used to be thought that we are who we are. That the way we think; our perceptions; & our abilities were immutable & constant. Then came exciting research that demonstrates how incorrect we were. Human beings have the inherent ability to actually change our brain & our body by changing our thoughts. We can adjust our experience of happiness, joy, & satisfaction in our day to day lives by consistently changing what we think about. We can promote healing of the body by consciously changing our habitual thoughts. We can have incredible impact on our present day life & desired future by using the untapped co-creative power of our thoughts.

There are many ways to tap into the co-creative power of our thoughts. My intention with this weekly newsletter, is to share with you many different ways to do this, along with other exciting Quantum Healing Tools & Techniques. There is no exact right way to use Affirmative Thought that works best for everyone. The techniques of Affirmative Thought range from simple & basic, all the way to practices that are so empowering & transformative, that you can feel yourself tapping into the actual healing power of universe.

It is thought that we humans have from 15,000 to 75,000 thoughts per day. Most of these thoughts are below the conscious level, which means that we aren’t even aware that we are thinking these thoughts. On average 95% of these thoughts are the same thoughts that we had the day before. Most, importantly around 80% – 85% of these thoughts are negative.

“Psychoneuroimmunology” explores the Mind/Body Connection. In the human body, your thoughts function as energetic chemicals. The thoughts that you are thinking every day are flooding your body with
these energetic chemicals. These “Thought Chemicals” are either promoting health, motivation, a positive attitude, feelings of worthiness, inner peace, & happiness “or” are promoting fatigue, negativity, boredom, unhappiness, lack of health, sadness, or lack of self esteem.

How shall we begin this journey of Healing? Lets start at the beginning. Renowned author, Louise Hay, feels that the most toxic categories of negative thinking stem from fear & anger. I feel that fear & anger are directly related & come from the same foundational source. I think that most of us are aware that we have challenges with fear & anger, so lets start there.

Listed below are a few ways to use affirmations:
You can say them out loud
You can write them down (long hand, print, or type)
You can read them
You can say them in your head
You can write them on your mirror
You can put them on a post it note
You can send yourself text messages with your affirmation.
You can use a computer program to read them to yourself

I suggest experimenting with a few ways to work with your affirmation. That way you can discover what works best for you.

It is a good idea to use your affirmation 2x a day. I suggest using affirmations in the morning before beginning your day & in the evening, prior to going to sleep.

I suggest saying each affirmation that you are working with at least 7x. The more you use your affirmation, the more healing effect you will experience in your life. You cannot use your Affirmation too often.

You can use your the entire Affirmation
just the parts that call to you.
I love myself. I love who I am.
I am beautiful, inner peace & joy.
It feels good to be me & I truly appreciate myself.
I am at peace within myself.
No matter how I am feeling.. I take good loving care of myself.
I am ready to participate in my own healing.

Enjoy the Journey.

We will continue next week.



“Earth Laughs in Flowers.”

….Ralph Waldo Emerson

All about Kale

Protecting & Supporting Your Kidney Energies with Diet

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of your body. Your kidneys are responsible for tthe elimination of metabolic wastes which are produced by the day to day processes that occur inside of your body. If these wastes are not eliminated, ill-health & imbalance can occur. Your kidneys also regulate your blood pressure;, stimulate the red cells which are responsible for transporting oxygen and minerals to different tissues & systems of the bod;y; secrete stimulatory hormones that promote hormonal balance throughout the body & produce calcitriol, which is an active form of Vitamin D.

Balance is a foundational principal of wellness. The kidney’s promote the manifestion of balance in the physical body. Yes, the kidneys primary function is filtration, but, they also keep the body in fluid and chemical balance. Your kidneys also play a vital role in the ph (acid-alkaline) balance of the body.

On an energetic level, the Kidney System helps to bring Universal Chi into your body. Lack of vitality, Fatigue & Stress are an epidemic in our Modern World. Supporting & healing your Kidney Energies ,will help you to thrive, be healthy & fully enjoy living your life.

Foods to add in order to support Kidney Energies

( I am assuming all of the below are ORGANIC )

Ample amouns of High Quality Water

Red Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Button Mushrooms, Beets

Greens; Dandelion, Kale, Chard, Italian Parsley

Garlic, Onions, Radish, Scallion

Sweet Potato, Squash,

Apples, Cranberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Strawberries, Red Grapes, Melons,

Nutrient Dense Proteins: Eggs (especially the whites), Fish (make sure that you are getting a type of fish that is not filled with heavy metals), Pasture Raised Beef, Anchovies, Lamb

Healthy Fats: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, Raw Butter (Pastured), Olives

Clove, Fennel, Basil, Ginger, Peppermint

High quality, naturally fermented Foods

When you use salt, use a high quality sea salt

Food to eat rarely, or avoid, that do not support Kidney Energies

Excess Protein, Factory Farmed meat, Fish high in heavy metals

Pasturized Dairy, Processed Chocolate

Unhealthy Fats: Margarine, Canola Oil, Generic “ALL” Polyunsatured Vegetable Oils (Corn Oil, Soy Oil, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil)

Processed Nut Butters, Baked Goods or any other processed food with TransFat from (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) – even if the label says no Trans Fats, it could very well contain them.

Processed Sugars, White Flours, GMO’s, Processed Foods in general, Soft Drinks, Artifical Sweeteners,

Processed & Fast Foods

Excessive Alcohol & Drug Consumption, Smoking

Supplements that support Kidney Energies


Chemically Acitive Macro & Trace Minerals

B Vitamins

Apple Cider Vinegar




Blue Green Algae

If are challenged with any type of kidney health challenge, I suggest that you check with your health care provider before making any dietary changes, or adding any type of new supplementation to your diet.

Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2011 – 2012, All Rights Reserved

The Journey Home


The journey from the paradigm of who you thought you were towards who you truly are,

can be quite a bumpy & challenging ride.

Try not to get caught up in the distractions, no matter how difficult.

Remember who you truly are…

that is what this journey is about….

it is your pathway home.

                                                                           ….Pamela S Robinson

The Dreaming Journey


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.
……Henry David Thoreau

“May Your Journey be Gentle”

YOUR DREAMS are speaking to you in a sacred & mysterious language. The dreaming language is filled with metaphor, deep mystery, signs, symbols, & archetypes. Your dreams are a gateway between the Spiritual World & the Material world, &, between your soul & your mind. Dreams are a place of transformation, healing, & spiritual opportunity.

YOU CAN USE the knowledge that the this Dream Time gateway between your inner & outer world offers you, to create increased self-awareness, personal healing, spiritual growth, & even planetary transformation. The Dreaming World is an opportunity to discover & to align with your unique Life Path, to release karmic patterns, explore past life issues, & to restructure miasms of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

YOUR DREAMING MIND also allows you access to the Collective Unconscious, which contains the memories, beliefs, thoughts, & dreams of all human beings. This is yet another gateway, which offers you increased understanding of the mysteries of what it means to be human; a deeper understanding of human pain & suffering, & more empathy, & compassion for all living beings.

THE WORLD OF Dreams is a place of deep healing, always offering you the opportunity to mend & release the wounded & hidden places of your past, while revealing to you the powerful & mysterious possibilities for your future. Working with your Dream Life will offer you a deep, rich & practical opportunity to gain understanding about yourself, as you connect even more authentically with the truth of who you are.

THE DREAMING JOURNEY is a process by which I guide you into a dream state while you are awake. It is an opportunity to explore a dream that has touched you & to learn it’s deeper meaning. Dreams are ultimately tools of transformation. The Dreaming Journey process is gentle, mystical, & powerful. You are awake, yet you are in your dream. It is a magical dance of spirit & mind, heart & body, light, unconditional love, exploration, healing, release, & transformation.

ONE OF THE GIFTS that “The Dreaming Journey” will give you is, that you will become more open & aware in your waking, day to day life of the beauty, harmony, & true nature of this wonderful world that you live in. Whether you are aware of it or not, the world is always whispering to you in a mystical & mysterious language of archetypes, signs, & symbols. Ordinary, everyday life events are constantly expressing information for you via signs & symbols from this mysterious & natural realm. You are living in very important times. It is vital that you learn to again listen with both your heart, & your mind.

OUR MODERN civilization tends to downplay the natural spiritual aspects of our world. Most of us have lost our innate ability to “see” & to “understand” the signs & symbols that are “talking” to us all of time. You have the ability to “see” & “understand” these signs, symbols, & archetypes that are all around you, in both your waking & in your dreaming life. In fact it is your birthright as a Spiritual Being to be able to do so.

ARCHETYPES have been refereed to in human language since the dawn of time. The essence of each individual Archetype is contained within our Collective Unconscious. These archetypal patterns are reflected & expressed in a myriad of combinations as either their “light” or their “shadow” form, in each of our individual lives. Most of us recognize the core Archetypes of The Mother, The Child, The Father, Death, Rebirth, Initiation, Love & Judgment. By learning to recognize, understand & to work with these Archetypes we are able to become more aligned with our true nature, release past wounds, & manifest the life that we dream of living.

“I did a Dream Journey with Pam

& it was so healing.

I don’t know how to put into words how I feel. I am so different,

I am at peace, & I am comfortable with who I am, maybe for

the first time in my entire life. ” ….CB

“I have never had an experience

like this. Pam guides you

into a state of deep consciousness, while you lie on the Matrix III.

Then you explore your dream.

It was a beautiful, mysterious, transforming experience. …..LP

Written by Pamela S. Robinson

© 2008 – 2009, All Rights Reserved

Misplacing my center


I am finding myself struggling with being pulled into the chaos, of other peoples patterns.

In response I choose to own my part, to breathe, acknowledge, release, to use the challenges that are being presented as an opportunity for growth (which of course at its core is what this is all about) & to come back to my own center, to imprint the situation with who I am, with what I know to be true & with as much compassion & clarity as I can muster….

I truly am grateful for all these opportunities for growth… but…. I must admit …… I feel somewhat drawn to go somewhere that I can blissfully sit in the sun under blue skies, with my feet in the aqua blue ocean & if I get bored….. I can just paddle my way to another idyllic locale……

I was talking with God


I was talking with God about why my lessons these days seem so hard…


He asked me if I remembered that time 6 months ago in the Spring, when a beautiful blue butterfly flew by me & it’s wing gently touched my cheek.

“I was teaching the same lesson then, in a much gentler fashion… but, you were not able to hear”.

He asked me if I remembered that day a few months ago, when nothing seemed to work right, that day when things that I felt were so…. important, just seemed to slip from my grip.

“I was teaching the same lesson then & talking louder, yet you still were not able to hear”.

“What you are experiencing as hard, is just me speaking very, very loudly… so that you can hear…. so that you can heal… so that you can be free”.


I wonder what our lives would be like, if each of us paid attention when our lessons were as gentle as butterfly wings……