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Quantum Elemental Remedies


Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.

Customized Energetic Remedies

Utilizing the Matrix III, I am able to create a wide range of
comprehensive, & effective
Quantum Elemental Remedies.

How do you make a Quantum Elemental Remedy?

I place a bio-energetic marker(s) from each client into the Matrix III, in order to create the Foundational Remedy. Depending on which remedy I am making, I will then layer the indicated healing frequency sequences into the Foundational Remedy.

How do you layer the healing frequencies into the Foundational Remedy?

For example, lets say that I am making an Outdoor Environmental Remedy. I would place the Foundational Remedy into the treatment area. I would then place the bio-energetic marker for the client into the Assessment area, & t hen I would place the Environmental Collection Sample(s) into the input area. This combination & the resulting healing frequencies would be layered into the Foundational Remedy.


Next, I would place homeopathics, herbs, other products, sacred geometric crystalline symbols, Essential Oil Trilogys, & etc…. that specifically target environmental toxcicity challenges into the input area. All of these items & the resulting healing frequencies are layered into the Foundational Remedy.

Then, I would place items that specifically support the detoxification organs, energy systems, immune system, hormonal system, & etc…… of the client into the input area. All of these items & the resulting healing frequencies are also layered into the Foundational Remedy.

I will continue with the layering protocol until the Quantum Elemental Remedy is complete. The end result is a customized Vibrational Remedy designed to neutralize the vibratory frequencies of the perceived toxicities & imbalances in the Collection Sample; neutralize the vibratory frequencies of the reactive imbalances, toxicities, & deficiencies of the Client; & to energetically support the client’s natural, internal healing mechanisms.

How do you know what to put into each Quantum Elemental Remedy?

I utilize the Bio-Energetic Marker & the Collection Sample to test what items are indicated for layering, into each unique Energetic Remedy.

Lets use the Outdoor Remedy as an example again. Depending upon where the Client lives, each Collection Sample will be very different from any other Energetic Remedy.

• A Coastal Area Collection Sample would be quite different from one collected from a mountain, valley, or dessert area.
• A Rural Farm Collection Sample would be very different from one collected in Los Angeles, an Industrial area, or a Suburban neighborhood.

The person whom the Bio-Energetic Marker came from, has a distinct genetic, health, & life-style profile, which makes their healing needs unique & specific.

The unique combination of each persons specific Bio-Energetic Marker & Collection Sample, is what indicates which item imprints are layered into each Customized Energetic Remedy.

The Healing Tools

Elemental Re-Alignment

The Deep Polarizer

Learning how to Re-Polarize your Digestive Energies

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The Deep Polarizer

If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration..
…Nikola Tesla

The Deep Polarizer
is a Triad Based Quantum Elemental Remedy
that expresses the Foundational Properties of Sacred Geometry

Chakra Alignment
Zen Peace

The first corner of the Triad is imprinted with the Earth based frequencies of highly charged diamagnetic & paramagnetic earth mineral complexes.

The second corner of the Triad contains Quantum Foundational Frequencies designed to balance all of your in-body chakras, meridians & foundational energetic grids.

The third corner of the Triad contains Quantum Elemental Frequencies designed to align the energy systems of your body with the energy systems of the earth; our solar system; & the universe that contains us.

The Deep Polarizer is used for the restoration of a vibrant, fully alive & aligned human bio-field. A healthy & vital bio-field is an essential & foundational prerequisite for the experience of maximum internal healing abilities; a joyous & meaningful life; & an ever expanding conscious awareness. The Deep Polarizer will allow you to rapidly & efficiently re-establish the inherent, natural coherence of your body, mind, heart, & spirit’s bio-field terrain. From a vibrational perspective, simply put, The Deep Polarizer puts the disharmonious pieces back into place, creating harmony, health, a healing predisposition, inner serenity, & peacefulness.

The Deep Polarizer is designed to bring you back into harmonious, healthy alignment, by supporting & re-educating your Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit, so that you can heal, evolve, & thrive in our modern world. Your bio-field can lose it’s harmonious coherence due to various causes, such as nutritional imbalances, food sensitivities, environmental, chemical. or internal toxicity, emotional or physical traumas, stress, emf, holographic patterns, &/or elemental mis-recognitions.

Energy of the Universe

Your biofield is under constant stress from incoherent electromagnetic fields such as those produced by EMF, solar, cosmic and geopathic radiation, microwave frequencies, WIFI, TV, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, &/or Electrical Wiring.

If you eat non-organic chemically laden foods; processed foods; genetically modified foods; nutritionally “empty” foods; or foods that you are sensitive to; your bio-field can become very  vulnerable to these disorganized energies.

When you are exposed to the wide array of chemicals, pesticides, & other toxins that fill our environment, your biofield can deeply suffer, & weaken. This can predispose you to chronic imbalances of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.

Human beings are a living whole, consisting of energies of body, mind, heart, & spirit. You are a highly organized network of interconnected physical systems, vibrational bio-matrixes, an energy field, & your consciousness, which permeates & contains all that you are.

Your physical systems consist of everything from your heart, lungs, & skin to your hair, bones, hands, & toes. Your bio-matrixes include your meridians, chakras, energy reflexes, cloacals & foundational energy grids. Your consciousness is you, whole, beautiful, & ever-evolving.

When a particular part of your body, mind, heart, or spirit becomes “disharmonious”, your internal operating system, with the intention of protecting the whole, will separate the weakened part, from the whole, by “de-polarizing” it. The result is that the part of you that is now separate, becomes virtually invisible to the whole. Since your internal operating system cannot “see” this ‘de-polarized” part, this weakened area is unable to access the natural healing capacities of your body, mind, heart, & spirit. The system becomes unable to send healing energies &/or needed nutrients to the struggling area. The protective action of de-polarizing a disharmonious part, is at the foundation of illness, disconnect, & struggle.

This separation process can occur in many areas of the body, mind, heart, & spirit at the same time. New areas of disharmony can connect to older, more chronic areas of separated “de-polarization”. The larger & more interconnected these “de-polarized systems” become, the more that they will work to negatively reinforce each other. You can have multiple areas of de-polarized separation in the body, which can create systemic stagnation. This decreases the ability of the body, mind, heart, & spirit to experience health, healing, joy, & wellness.

The Deep Polarizer contains Quartz Crystals; Variegated Quartz Crystals: Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic igneous rock from the ocean floor, & a mixture of healing gemstones. The Deep Polarizer is then layered with three categories of vibrational imprints. The first imprinted layer contains ancient frequencies of highly charged diamagnetic & paramagnetic earth mineral complexes. The second imprinted layer is designed to balance all of your in-body chakras, meridians & foundational energetic grids. The third imprinted layer is designed to align the energy systems of your body with the energy systems of the earth; our solar system; & the universal cosmos..

Paramagnetic rock is permeated with the universal energies of the Cosmos. Igneous (volcanic) rocks contain the greatest concentration of paramagnetism on our planet. These types of rocks have been in existence for much longer than all plant, animal, & human life. They came into existence when our ancient Sun was giving birth to our planet, the Earth. Paramagnetic energies do not exist in isolation. They are held in balance by diamagnetic energies. Together they create the experience of Yin & Yang, balance & healing, resonance & alignment with the earth,the sun,the stars, & the energies of the cosmos.

Yin and Yang

The paramagnetic and diamagnetic source material is gathered from all over the world. This powerful blend is bio-energetically imprinted to create a highly vortexed energetic state. The Deep Polarizer has the effect of combining maximum yin and maximum yang earth polarities which generate a concentrated, grounded & powerful bio-energetic healing field. When the Deep Polarizer is placed in contact with a meridian, a reflex point, or chakra the Deep Polarizer immediately begins to facilitate a powerful, healing, re-polarizing effect on the body, mind, heart, & spirit’s natural bio-field.

Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2013, All Rights Reserved

Using the Deep Polarizer ~ Foundational Balance of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit

For your Smart Phone &/or Tablet – Using the Deep Polarizer

Using the Deep Polarizer ~ Re-Polarizing your Digestive Energies

For your Smart Phone &/or Tablet ~ Re-Polarizing your Digestive Energies


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The Elementals

Aroma Emotional Re-Patterning

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 
― Albert Einstein

Time & Energy
Aura Energy
Balanced Chi

The Quantum Elementals are a class of Vibrational Healing Tools designed to harmonize & heal the Spirit, Heart, Body, & Mind.

Elemental Re-Alignment is a gentle & effective healing tool, that helps the Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit to correctly recognize the various foods, nutritional componants, chemicals, & internal bio-chemicals that it is exposed to each & every day, If these substances are not correctly recognized, a wide variety of imbalances can occur. Elemental Re-Alignment is a form of Holographic Re-Alignemnt, that is used to re-pattern & heal the c foundational vibrational patterns of Food Sensitivities, Environmental Sensitivities, Nutritional Imbalances, & Mood Vulnerabilities.

The Deep Polarizer is a Triad Based Quantum Elemental Remedy that expresses the Foundational Properties of Sacred Geometry. The Deep Polarizer is used for the restoration of a vibrant, fully alive & aligned human bio-field. A healthy & vital bio-field is an essential & foundational prerequisite for the experience of maximum internal healing abilities; a joyous & meanigful life; & an ever expanding conscious awareness

Quantum Elemental Remedies are uniquely designed to meet the customized needs of each individual client.
Every remedy is holistic in nature, aligning, harmonizing & providing healing support for the Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.

Food sensitivities are becoming an ever-increasing an epidemic. You can use your Deep Polarizer to Re-Polarize your Digestive Energies. providing healing & support for your body’s relationship with healthy nutrition, food, & food sensitivities.

The Healing Tools

Elemental Re-Alignment

The Deep Polarizer

Quantum Elemental Remedies

Learning how to Re-Polarize your Digestive Energies

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Is it a Food Sensitivity or an Elemental Mis-Alignment?


You are not a human being having a spiritual experience,
you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
….Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Elemental Re-Alignment & Healing Food Sensitivities

Vitality & Joy
Universal Chi

Throughout our day to day lives we all come into contact with many different substances, such as foods, environmental chemicals, beauty products, household products, medicines, supplements, viruses, bacteria, fungi, & much, much more. Each time your body is exposed to a particular substance, it has to decide how to react. This initial reaction is a critical process, because it puts in motion a specific series of bio-energetic processes.

I beleive that the majority of nutritional imbalances & sensitivities originate in the Energy System. So, the Energy System is where nutritonal healing needs to begin. Our modern world, has placed our Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit under extreme amounts of stress. This stress is often daily, chronic & ongoing. When the stress that the body is experiencing moves it from a balanced & harmonious state to an imbalanced state, an increasing number of Elemental Mis-Alignments, & Short Circuits will begin to occur.

It is normal & common for the body to experience short circuits & mis-alignments throughout the day. This is just part of the daily business of the body. When the mind, body, heart, & spirit are in harmonious & healthy balance, these short circuits & mis-alignments are corrected during the time when we are asleep. Problems begin to occur, when the body is chronically out of balance, because then it is not able to heal the short circuits & mis-alignments during sleep time. The end result is that the short circuits & mis-alignments will become chronic & begin to create a cascade of increasing imbalance of mind, body, heart, & spirit.

I believe that this chronic imbalance of mind, body, heart, & spirit & the resulting disharmony of the energy system, is the where “dis” ease of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit begins, & is maintained. So, once again, the Energy System is where healing needs to begin.

One of the ways that these short circuits & mis-alignments express themselves is as an Elemental Mis-Recognition (EMR). An Elemental Mis-Recognition (EMR) is when the bodies energy system doesn’t correctly recognize a specific food, nutrient, chemical, environmental substance, or internal bio-chemical. If the energy system doesn’t correctly recognize a particular substance, it won’t be able to correctly categorize the substance & all manner of imbalanced effects can occur.

For example, if you eat something & the body correctly recognizes it as a positive & beneficial substance, the body will initiate a vigorous, healthy, & efficient digestive process. This will maximize the absorption & the utilization of the nutrients contained within the food that you have eaten.

If instead, the food that was eaten is incorrectly recognized, i.e. mis-recognized by the body, a completely different series of events can occur. Your body might mount an immune attack on the substance, resulting in a food sensitivity, allergic reaction, body aches & pains, digestive upset, or even inflammation; your digestive system might try to expel the food, by shutting down, vomiting or having diarrhea so as to expel the substance; or your body might try to utilize the nutrients contained in the food in a manner that doesn’t support health & wellness.

If your body begins to chronically mis-recognize a particular food, it can create a “sensitivity” to the specific nutrients within that food, & this sensitivity can then transfer to other foods that contain similar nutrients. This is often why people who have nutritional sensitivities seem to become more & more sensitive to more & more things.

There are three basic types of Elemental Mis-Alignments:

1. A beneficial substance can be mis-recognized as a not-beneficial substance.
2. A not-beneficial substance can be mis-recognized as a beneficial substance.
3. A particular substance can be un-recognized.

When the body correctly recognizes a substance that is non-beneficial, such as a virus, bacteria, or toxin, it will do it’s best to expel it in a safe & efficient manner. When the body mis-recognizes a not-beneficial substance, instead of trying to efficiently expel the substance, it might instead try to protect it, or even enhance it’s absorption & utilization. This mis-recognition could result in a wide variety of bio-energetic “short-circuits”, which could then create increasing mis-alignments, & Elemental Mis-Recognitions.

What if the body mis-recognized a beneficial neurotransmitter, such as dopamine as being a harmful substance? Rather than utilizing this beneficial substance, it would try to excrete it as quickly as possible. What if the body mis-recognized a toxic metabolic waste product as being beneficial. Rather than excreting this toxic substance as quickly as possible, it might try to re-utilize it instead. These internal scenarios have the potential of causing a wide range of health issues.

In order for each of us to experience health & vitality, it is so important that the body is able to recognize each particular substance correctly.

The good news, is that since this Elemental Mis-Recognitions begin in the Energy System, their healing can be initiated within the Energy System, by utilizing a cutting-edge, gentle, & effective Quantum Healing modality, such as, Elemental Re-Alignment. Elemental Re-Alignment is a form of Holographic Re-Alignment. ERA

Article – What is an Elemental Mis-Alignment?

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Holographic Re-Alignment

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The Environmental Groups Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen


Making a Healthier Choice for you & for your Family 

The Environmental Working Group is a wonderful resource to support you in making healthier & more informed choices for you & for your family.


EWG’s 2013 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Eat fruits and vegetables!

The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure. Use EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides™ to reduce your exposures as much as possible, but eating conventionally-grown produce is far better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all. The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ will help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic. You can lower your pesticide intake by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and choosing the least contaminated produce.

For the second year, we have expanded the Dirty Dozen™ with a Plus category to highlight two crops – domestically-grown summer squash and leafy greens, specifically kale and collards. These crops did not meet traditional Dirty Dozen™ criteria but were commonly contaminated with pesticides exceptionally toxic to the nervous system.

Though the Environmental Protection Agency has been restricting the uses of the most toxic pesticides, they are still detected on some foods. For example, green beans were on last year’s Plus list because they were often contaminated with two highly toxic organophosphates. Those pesticides are being withdrawn from agriculture. But leafy greens still show residues of organophosphates and other risky pesticides. That’s why they are on the Plus list for 2013.

Tests in 2008 found that some domestically-grown summer squash – zucchini and yellow crookneck squash — contained residues of harmful organochlorine pesticides that were phased out of agriculture in the 1970s and 1980s but that linger on some farm fields.

Genetically modified plants, or GMOs, are not often found in the produce section of grocery stores. Field corn, nearly all of which is produced with genetically modified seeds, is used to make tortillas, chips, corn syrup, animal feed and biofuels. Because it is not sold as a fresh vegetable, it is not included in EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Nor is soy, another heavily GMO crop that makes its way into processed food.

The genetically modified crops likely to be found in produce aisles of American supermarkets are zucchini, Hawaiian papaya and some varieties of sweet corn. Most Hawaiian papaya is a GMO. Only a small fraction of zucchini and sweet corn are GMO. Since U.S. law does not require labeling of GMO produce, EWG advises people who want to avoid it to purchase the organically-grown versions of these items.

The Art of Healing with Aromatherapy


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
…Theodore Roosevelt

Flower Essence Therapy

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art & science of using natural oils that have been extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots &/or other parts of a plant, bush, or tree. . These powerful oils are used to harmonize, balance & support the health & healing of mind, body, emotions, & spirit. . Essential Oils have a long history of use in every culture around the world. Aromatherapy is anatural, non-invasive healing-modality, that is designed to impact the whole person, rather than just the symptom or disease that is being expressed.

“Aromatherapy is… the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.”  Valerie Cooksley 

“Aromatherapy conveys the concept of healing with aromatic substances.”   Robert Tisserand

“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.”  Robert Tisserand

“Aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.”  Gabriel Mojay

“Aromatherapy is essentially an interaction between the therapist, client and essential oils, working together to bring forth the healing energy which will help the client regain their sense of well being and vitality.”  Jade Shutes

How are Essential Oils used?

A nice way to begin your personal journey with essential oils
is to explore the many options of external usage.

Topical Usage

Topical application is often a preferred method of use for many essential oils. It is important to note thatMOST essential oils require significant dilution prior to usage, as they can cause skin irritation. Lavender Oil, Calendula Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil & various Chamomile Oils are a few essential oils that can be applied ‘neat’ or without dilution, as they are soothing, balancing, & healing for the skin. Other essential oils, such as Cinnamon Oil, Basil Oil, Ginger Oil, various Citrus Oils & Oregano Oil probably should not be applied topically in most cases, as they may irritate the skin, or cause sensitivity with or without sun exposure.

Essential Oils are lipotropic (fat soluble), with a fairly small molecular structure, which allows them to pass thru the skin quite easily. Essential oils can pass into the surrounding tissues, & into the bloodstream which allows them to move throughout the body quite easily. with an efficientt healing impact.

For example, if you wanted to support your Digestive System, you could place a few drops of Peppermint Oil into a carrier oil (a clean, preferably organic vegetable or nut oil) to dilute it. You could then gently rub this mixture over your stomach area. The oil would be absorbed thru the skin into the surrounding tissues, to promote healing & balance of the digestive system.

A common concentration of essential oils in a carrier oil is 5%. This equals 40 drops of essential oil per one ounce of carrier oil.

A very effective form of topical application is via foot reflexology. This topical technique utilizes the neurological & energetic connections that run throughout the entire body. There are areas on your feet that you can stimulate that will have a healing effect other areas & zones of the body. Even if you are not trained in foot reflexology, you can use the desired Essential Oil & massage it into your foot. If you encounter an area that is uncomfortable, itches, feels tight, or feels bumpy…..just massage the oil into that area. It is that easy!!

Another powerful type of topical application is to utilize acupressure points, body alarm points, or chakra locations. This allows you to utilize primarily the energetic connections of the Mind, Body, Emotions, & Spirit, with a strong healing effect on Heart Energy Coherence & the Body.


The inhalation of Essential Oils is a very effective, gentle & simple way to access the Mind, Body, Emotion, & Spiritual healing qualities of Essential Oils. I have listed a few of the most common methods of Aromatherapeutic Inhalation below.

Simple Inhalation
You can simply open an Essential Oil bottle & inhale the scent into your noseBe careful not to touch or breathe on the orifice or inside of cap as this can contaminate the contents and greatly reduce the life-force of the oil(s).

Diffusion atomizes essential oils into the air for inhalation. There are many types of diffusion devices, such as, simple evaporation devices, vaporizers, humidifiers & glass nebulizers. For therapeutic applications it is best to not apply heat to the Essential Oil, as heat can alter the chemical make-up of the oil, destroying the life-force of the plant’s essential constituents and thereby lessening it’s therapeutic effect.

Aroma-Elemental Misting
Essential Oils can be layered into a bottle filled with energized water. Depending on which oil/oils are layered into the bottle, the healing effects will be distinctly different. Essential Oils can also be layered into a bottle containing a hydrosol(water created by the process of steam distillation, which is a process by which an Essential Oil is produced). Once again depending on which oils are layered into which hydrosol, the healing effects of the Aroma-Elemental will be different.

An Aroma-Elemental can be sprayed into a space, to clean out congested energies & also to create energetic alignment & balance. They can be sprayed onto the body, or into the aura, or on a chakra. They also can be sprayed & then inhaled. This is a wonderful, easy to use, & very effective type of Aromatherapy.

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Sacred Archetypes


“Limitations live only in our minds.
But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
……Jamie Paolinetti


“Signs & Symbols from the Mystical Realms”

Archetypes are energetic patterns, experienced as visual symbols, that exist in the human psyche. Some archetypes are consciously discerned, while others stimulate the unconsious celluar memory. Archetypes by their nature are designed to trigger deep spiritual memory of who & what you truly are, why you are, access to inner guidance & a window of clarity & truth through the illusions of material reality. Archetypes have the ability to speak in languages beyond the verbal & written variety.

Archetypes are found everywhere, as their symbols are a language of the mind, taken to different frequencies of thought and connected to each other by the collective unconsciousness. There are individual and universal archetypes. You become aware of them in meditation, dreamtime, remote viewing or other out-of-body experiences, when you doodle on a pad, crop circles or landscape art, other art forms, jewelry, hieroglyphs, a logo, on a billboard, anywhere at all. Archetypes can also be auditory, a tone, a series of notes, a harmonic. Reality is a series of metaphors set into motion by the synchronicity of archetypes we experience.

The word “archetype” was coined by Carl Jung, who theorized that humans have a collective unconscious, “deposits of the constantly repeated experiences of humanity…. a kind of readiness to reproduce over and over again the same or similar mythical ideas….” This shared memory of experiences has resulted in a resonance of the concepts of hero and heroine that transcends time, place and culture. Jung called these recurring personalities archetypes, from the Greek word archetypos, meaning “first of its kind.”

To help you understand and fulfill the terms of your Sacred Contract, you have been encoded with a set of 12 primary archetypes. Four of these are universal archetypes related to survival: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. We all have these because they are vital to our growth and functioning as adults. The other eight are drawn from the vast storehouse of archetypes dating back to the dawn of human history. They play valuable roles that relate to our work, our relationships with individuals and society, as well as to our spirituality, finances, values, and our highest potential.

Awareness of archetypes dates back at least to the time of Plato, who called them Forms. Plato believed that these eternal Forms were reflected in material objects. The Form of Beauty, for example, is abstract and applies to all beautiful things; as different as the individual manifestations of Beauty may be–a beautiful person, horse, or flower–the Form itself never changes. The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed this idea further. For Jung, archetypes comprised psychological patterns derived from historical roles in life, such as the Mother, Child, Trickster, and Servant, as well as universal events or situations, including Initiation or Death and Rebirth. Along with our individual personal unconscious, which is unique to each of us, Jung asserted, “there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature that is identical in all individuals.” This collective unconscious, he believed, was inherited rather than developed, and was composed mainly of archetypes.

Although archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalized when they are a part of your individual psyche. Since your Sacred Contract is embodied in a support system of twelve archetypes, it is best to think of them as intimate companions. They provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations, and actions. But archetypes are not passive entities floating around in the psyche like old family portraits hanging in a dusty corridor of your ancestral castle. They take an active role as guardians and inner allies, alerting you when you are in danger of falling into destructive or “shadow” behavior. The Saboteur, for instance, warns you when you are in a situation in which you tend to sabotage your own best interests. Once you learn to recognize such a pattern, instead of ignoring it or denying its presence, it becomes your friend and can help you avoid selling out.

By Pamela S. Robinson

© 2008 – 2009, All Rights Reserved


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