Is your Brain whispering lies to your Mind, Heart, & Body?


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
……Albert Einstein


Your mind is not your brain, nor, does your mind “live” in your brain. Your mind is a field of intelligent energy, that connects your spiritual essence with your brain, & with your body.

In 1996, David Bridgman, an Australian kinesiologist, made an incredible discovery, that negative commands are stored in the brain, in the Wernicke area. He created the Wernicke Correction to permanently remove these commands.

These commands are stored in the Wernicke area, EXACTLY as they were originally stated to you. These commands, are interpreted by the brain as instructions to be a certain way, believe a certain way, think a certain way, feel a certain way, & act in a certain way.

Have you have ever been told that “You’re not good enough”, “You’re never very happy”, “You’re not too smart”, “it’s Your fault”, “You’re too fat”, “You’re not very pretty”, “You’re a bad girl”, “You’re always mad, “You’ll forget it”, or “You always get sick”, &/or etc….?

Everyone has at least some Wernicke Instructions related to money, success, relationships, health & worth, programmed into the Wernicke area. These commands tend to get activated at the worst times, such as when you are under stress, working on an important project, trying something new, &/or making an important life changing decision.

Whether the person who said these things to you intended to cause you any harm, or not, has no effect on the outcome.. If the person who spoke to you, was perceived by you to be an authority, powerful, or important, such as a parent, teacher, or spiritual advisor, then the spoken command has a very good chance of becoming implanted in your Wernicke area.

Once a command has been programmed into your Wernicke area, your brain will do it’s best to make sense of the command, by proving that it is true. Your brain begins this process by translating the “you” statement (You are stupid) into an “I” statement (I am stupid). The next step is to create a belief system, made up of 1000’s of thoughts feelings, & behaviors that support the “false truth” of the original command statement.

The result is that you will begin to believe that “I am Stupid”. You will begin to think thoughts, experience feelings, make choices & take actions based on the underlying command/instruction.

There are many very good re-patterning techniques that can release the adaptive “I” statements, but, unless the original “You” statement is released from the Wernicke area, your brain will continue to create new adaptive “I” statements, to prove the truth of the original underlying Wernicke Commands & Instructions.

The first step in removing a Wernicke Instruction, is to re-discover the exact language of the original imprint. Once the exact language is uncovered, the Wernicke Instruction can be released, holographically re-patterned, & re-aligned.

The result is that the adaptive “I” statements, belief systems, actions, & behaviors that grew from the original command statement, will begin to release, dissolve & evolve into freedom of mind, body, heart, soul, & spirit; conscious awakening; & deep spiritual healing.

Imagine what could happen, if when you were 6 years old you wanted a pair of skates. Your dad explained to you that in order for you to get those skates, you would need to save up enough money from your allowance. You tried so hard, but, you kept spending your money on candy. In loving good intention, your dad said, “If you keep buying candy…. You will never have enough money”.

The command, “You will never have enough money”, became programmed into your Wernicke area. Your subconscious began to hear the instructions, “You will never have enough money”, over & over again. Without realizing that you had a choice, you began to believe that this was true for you. Now, 25+ years later, no matter how much money you make, there is never enough. Something always seems to come up. You have goals, hopes & dreams that you want to create. But, deep down within, you still believe..”I will never have enough money”.

So many people struggle with beliefs around money, abundance, empowerment & choice. Releasing Wernicke Instructions can help you to naturally create the life you dream of, by aligning with your true spiritual nature.

Article – Is your Brain whispering lies to your Mind, Heart, & Body?

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