The Deep Polarizer


The Deep Polarizer
is a Triad Based Quantum Elemental Remedy
that expresses the Foundational Properties of Sacred Geometry

Chakra Alignment
Zen Peace

The first corner of the Triad is imprinted with the Earth based frequencies of highly charged diamagnetic & paramagnetic earth mineral complexes.

The second corner of the Triad contains Quantum Foundational Frequencies designed to balance all of your in-body chakras, meridians & foundational energetic grids.

The third corner of the Triad contains Quantum Elemental Frequencies designed to align the energy systems of your body with the energy systems of the earth; our solar system; & the universe that contains us.

The Deep Polarizer is used for the restoration of a vibrant, fully alive & aligned human bio-field. A healthy & vital bio-field is an essential & foundational prerequisite for the experience of maximum internal healing abilities; a joyous & meanigful life; & an ever expanding conscious awareness. The Deep Polarizer will allow you to rapidly & efficiently re-establish the inherent, natural coherence of your body, mind, heart, & spirit’s bio-field terrain. From a vibrational perspective, simply put, The Deep Polarizer puts the disharmonious pieces back into place, creating harmony, health, a healing predisposition, inner serenity, & peacefulness.

The Deep Polarizer is designed to bring you back into harmonious, healthy alignment, by supporting & re-educating your Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit, so that you can heal, evolve, & thrive in our modern world. Your bio-field can lose it’s harmonious coherence due to various causes, such as nutritional imbalances, food sensitivities, environmental, chemical. or internal toxicity, emotional or physical traumas, stress, emf, holographic patterns, &/or elemental mis-recognitions.

Energy of the Universe

Your biofield is under constant stress from incoherent electromagnetic fields such as those produced by EMF, solar, cosmic and geopathic radiation, microwave frequencies, WIFI, TV, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, &/or Electrical Wiring.

If you eat non-organic chemically laden foods; processed foods; genetically modified foods; nutritionally “empty” foods; or foods that you are sensitive to; your biofield can become particularily vulnerable to these disorganized energies.

When you are exposed to the wide array of chemicals, pesticides, & other toxins that fill our environment, your biofield can deeply suffer, & weaken. This can predispose you to chronic imbalances of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.

Human beings are a living whole, consisting of energies of body, mind, heart, & spirit. You are a highly organized network of interconnected physical systems, vibrational bio-matrixes, an energy field, & your consciousness, which permeates & contains all that you are.

Your physical systems consist of everything from your heart, lungs, & skin to your hair, bones, hands, & toes. Your bio-matrixes include your meridians, chakras, energy reflexes, cloacals & foundational energy grids. Your consciousness is you, whole, beautiful, & ever-evolving.

When a particular part of your body, mind, heart, or spirit becomes “disharmonious”, your internal operating system, with the intention of protecting the whole, will seperate the weakened part, from the whole, by “de-polarizing” it. The result is that the part of you that is now seperate, becomes virtually invisible to the whole. Since your internal operating system cannot “see” this ‘de-polarized” part, this weakened area is unable to access the natural healing capacities of your body, mind, heart, & spirit. The system becomes unable to send healing energies &/or needed nutrients to the struggling area. The protective action of de-polarizing a disharmonious part, is at the foundation of illness, disconnect, & struggle.

This seperation process can occur in many areas of the body, mind, heart, & spirit at the same time. New areas of disharmony can connect to older, more chronic areas of seperated “de-polarization”. The larger & more interconnected these “de-polarized systems” become, the more that they will work to negatively reinforce each other. You can have multiple areas of de-polarized seperation in the body, which can create systemic stagnation. This decreases the ability of the body, mind, heart, & spirit to experience health, healing, joy, & wellness.

The Deep Polarizer contains Quartz Crystals; Varigated Quartz Crystals: Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic igneous rock from the ocean floor, & a mixture of healing gemstones. The Deep Polarizer is then layered with three catagories of vibrational imprints. The first imprinted layer contains ancient frequencies of highly charged diamagnetic & paramagnetic earth mineral complexes. The second imprinted layer is designed to balance all of your in-body chakras, meridians & foundational energetic grids. The third imprinted layer is designed to align the energy systems of your body with the energy systems of the earth; our solar system; & the universal cosmos..

Paramagnetic rock is permeated with the universal energies of the Cosmos. Igneous (volcanic) rocks contain the greatest concentration of paramagnetism on our planet. These types of rocks have been in existence for much longer than all plant, animal, & human life. They came into existence when our ancient Sun was giving birth to our planet, the Earth. Paramagnetic energies do not exist in isolation. They are held in balance by diamagnetic energies. Together they create the experience of Yin & Yang, balance & healing, resonance & alignment with the earth,the sun,the stars, & the energies of the cosmos.

Yin and Yang

The paramagnetic and diamagnetic source material is gathered from all over the world. This powerful blend is bio-energetically imprinted to create a highly vortexed energetic state. The Deep Polarizer has the effect of combining maximum yin and maximum yang earth polarities which generate a concentrated, grounded & powerful biol-energetic healing field. When the Deep Polarizer is placed in contact with a meridian, a reflex point, or chakra the Deep Polarizer immediately begins to facilitate a powerful, healing, re-polarizing effect on the body, mind, heart, & spirit’s natural bio-field.

Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2013, All Rights Reserved

The Deep Polarizer

For your Smart Phone &/or Tablet – Using the Deep Polarizer

Using the Deep Polarizer ~ Re-Polarizing your Digestive Energies

For your Smart Phone &/or Tablet ~ Re-Polarizing your Digestive Energies


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