A Food Diary for your Tablet or Smart Phone, designed for those with Food Sensitivities…


A Wonderful Digital App for your Healing, Wellness & Health!!


This app is exceptional in both quality & ease of use.  It is not just a Food Diary.  

It allows you to track your meals & snacks, medications, stress, emf, environmental sensitivities, & much more.  It also allows you to track your symptoms of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit in detail.  Often symptoms occur hours & even days later.  This App helps you to see the connections form cause to effect.  You can also record your energy levels, digestive reactions, & intensity of symptoms,

This wonderful tool, will support you in seeing your health patterns.  This awareness will help you in making decisions that will support your best health & healing. The App will also help you analyze the information.  It is a just plain Awesome App!!  




About theartofhealing8

Pam has dedicated herself to learning, & mastering the field of Holistic Healing, first as a practitioner & researcher & then as a teacher & educator. She chose to leave the world of corporate real estate in 1993, to begin her own personal healing journey. She began her education, & training in Holistic Healing in late 1994. To this day, her dedication to education & research continues. "I feel that the type of work that I do is still in it's infancy. It is both my passion & my responsibility to continue to learn more & grow in my role as a Alternative Healing Practitioner.. I believe that virtually anything can be healed. We just need to find the way. That is what I do my absolute best to do, with each & every client"...... Pamela S. Robinson Pam began her private healing & wellness practice in 1997, & is the founder & developer of Holographic Re-Alignment, Aroma-Emotional Re-Patterning & Life Path Kinesiology. Holographic Re-Alignment is an integrative Holistic Healing Art that combines the science of subltle energies, the principles of Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine, EMR Detoxification, Energetic Environmental Detoxification, Western Style Bodywork, Foundational Nutrition, Homeopathy, Flower Eseences, Aromatherapy, Aroma-Emotional Repatterning, & Life Path Kinesiology with the intent of supporting each person's unique healing journey, spiritual growth, & conscious transformation

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